who lives here?

A twenty-something something-or-other.

Ideally, I’d like to always be able to say that I am a lifelong student of all that ever was, is, and will be.

Certain days, I’m certain things. On any given day the name tag could say: entrepreneur, restaurateur, collaborateur, prosateur, frondeur, connoisseur, flaneur, raisonneur, raconteur, persifleur, chasseur, jongleur, froideur, auteur, blagueur, pasticheur, littérateur. And I curse like a sailor, so pardon my French.

Realistically, just a wise-ass, mistake-making, from failure-learning, authority-hating, quip-creating, self-proclaimed knowledge seeker who has a deep lust for words – interested in people and places, histories and futures – and can be currently found balancing the yin and yang of tropical paradise and dismal hurricanes in sunny Florida.

“…measure a man by his actions fully, through his whole life, from the beginning to the end.”

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