What is moonwort?

Some blogs provide unilateral information centered solely around a single topic. If it’s technology, there’s no arts. If it’s arts, there’s no politics. If it’s politics, there’s no science. If it’s science…we’re asleep? Some blogs point us to links, videos, music, images, and articles – without providing any content. No opinion, no conversation. No sides, no bias. No questions, no answers, no beginnings, and therefore, no ends. Hopefully, we’ll fit somewhere in the middle. The human is a multi-dimensional being. With the ever-increasing use of the internet and Web 2.0 intergration into our lives, our access to information is growing at an exponential rate. With increased exposure, comes increased interest in a multitude of things. Things we may have realized we liked, only because others who enjoy similar things liked them. Sometimes the information provided says it all – and no extra input is needed. But wouldn’t it be great for that information to start a conversation?

No, I mean, what does the word mean?

Moonwort has been described by Nicholas Culpeper and scientific podcasters as a magical herb thought to be able to heal wounds, unshoe horses, raise the dead, and open locks. Herbal magicians have said it can keep away monsters, and was used to gather midnight, moon-charged dew for performing alchemical work. It can only produce by letting it’s spores drift into the wind of it’s ecological community. It’s a distinctly small plant, sometimes only having one leaf with a few leaflets – and flourishes in underground colonies without any need for mainstream photosynthesis, instead relishing on it’s unique agreement with the bacteria of the soil which provides it’s necessary supplements. Moonwort is also an adjective that means “honesty” and “lunary” – and the flower essence of the plant is said to help in self-evaluation, recalling the forgotten, and encouraging truthfulness. Now, get out your pen & connect the dots.

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